5 Reasons Why Reading a Book is Better than Watching Television

According to Timothy, a pressure washer has many uses and benefits. However, some families still don’t have one because they’d rather settle with simple hoses for their cleaning tasks. It’s just like having a television but having no library or books at home–it’s a miserable scenario. Believe it or not, books can entertain you better than television just like pressure washers can clean better than your typical garden hose.

Below are the advantages of reading a book when compared to watching television.

  1. Mental healthReading books can exercise your brain. The activity requires you to have a creative imagination just to get a picture of the setting, scene, and the characters. It’s a great mental workout for anyone. Reading will cause you to analyze the scene, be familiarized with it, and create it in your head. Sounds like a fun and challenging thing to do, right?
  2. Books allow you to manage your time. Shows in television are scheduled, and you may have to wait for your favorite TV show before you can relax and enjoy. Plus, you can’t rewind a scene you weren’t able to understand! But with books, you can read anytime at your convenience, and you can always go back to the page or chapter that you didn’t comprehend. Reading can be paused too, especially if you need to go to the comfort room.
  3. Books have no commercials. Wouldn’t it be nice just to continue the scene in your head without interruptions? Reading books is better because the story can be continued at your own pace without having to deal with long commercials.
  4. book bag sunglasses seaBooks can be carried anywhere. You can’t take a television with you anywhere you go, but books can be placed in your bag, allowing you to read whenever you’re bored. Reading books will also help you take a break from doing repetitive tasks that no longer challenge you mentally.
  5. Reading books can help increase your vocabulary. Unlike in television shows, books have more unusual words that are used to describe the scenario. This will improve the words you know and make you a better writer.

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