5 Cannabis Books You Must Read Before You Get High

The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness

If you’re looking for the ultimate marijuana book, you’ve got to read this one by Steve DeAngelo. DeAngelo is the founder of Harborside Health Center, which is the planet’s biggest medical cannabis dispensary. He’ll answer all the significant questions and test whether you really know marijuana. Aside from discussing the law and science behind cannabis, the book also speaks of its physical, psychological, and spiritual effects. But be prepared; the Cannabis Manifesto will change the way you look at marijuana.

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The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Use

Are you about to grow weed using the led grow lights from Then you need to cast your eyes over this growing guide. It contains nearly 200 black and white and colored photos, tables, and charts—everything you need to get the growing process right. Written by Greg Green, it also boasts of its “Screen of Green” method, which generates a greater yield with fewer plants. Go green when you grow weed!


The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine

This cannabis book is unlike any other. Written by Jessica Catalano, it offers various extraction methods and international culinary influences. You’ll be surprised by how she wonderfully and clearly presents cannabis cuisine in this write-up. Want to incorporate cannabis into your dishes? This is the book for you.

The Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis

cannabis on a plateIf you have no time to read a thick book about marijuana, then I recommend reading this concise publication. It offers all you need to know and summarizes them for you. It presents the history, culture, use, and cultivation of weed. It even covers things you need to know when cooking with cannabis.

You shouldn’t judge this handy guide by its looks too since it also teaches readers how to identify cannabis varieties and discusses the health and legal issues of smoking pot. Thanks to Steve Elliott, smokers can now learn more about the renowned plant.

Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana

Authored by Michael Backes, this book presents the most reliable and practical information you need to know regarding medical cannabis. Aside from the history of the plant, it also explains how it interacts with our physical bodies. Readers can also learn how to store cannabis properly in this book. Trust me; you’ll get blown away.

The Complete Book of Woodworking

5 Must-Read Woodworking Books

The Woodworking Basics

This book by Peter Korn puts emphasis on the development stage of woodworking and is recommended for beginners. It provides procedures and techniques that are easy to follow. Plus, it’s also a great source of theories and skills in woodworking.

It also has safety methods and detailed information for beginners to help them avoid accidents while doing a project. Hand tools are also elaborately explained shortly.

Power-Tool Joinery

Bill Hylton takes pride in his famous book that presents how power tools should be used for making joinery. It offers in-depth instructions to demonstrate how to make every joint type using every single tool possible. Read this book and make joints like a pro!

The Essential Woodworker

Authored by Robert Wearing, this book won’t ever disappoint! It may not present a single power tool, but it will sure hone your woodworking skills. It’s all about the expanding, shrinking, and twisting of wood the right way. Its updated edition even includes 500 illustrations for planing, scraping, cutting, facing, edging, and sanding. It’s the book that demonstrates how significant abilities and talents are.

The book also includes a few basic furniture tasks like drawers, boxes, cabinet cases, and handles.

If you want an informative and entertaining book, you’ve got to purchase this.

Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings

This affordable publication written by Aldren A. Watson is perfect for long-time woodworkers. It provides detailed explanations of hand tools and is ideal for those who want to be an expert in using hand tools.

This affordable publication written by Aldren A. Watson is perfect for long-time woodworkers. It provides detailed explanations of hand tools and is ideal for those who want to be an expert in using hand tools.

It’s even considered as one of the top books about woodworking today.

The author also included manipulation techniques and illustrations to make sure you’re getting his points.

The Complete Book of Woodworking

Thanks to Tom Carpenter, you can now have access to various woodworking projects! You may not be able to make them all, but it’s still a comprehensive book that will make you love woodworking even more. As an excellent reference publication, you’ll probably come back to it over and over again.



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How to Give Your Library a Makeover

My, oh my! Look at all those books in a poor, dull library. They’re screaming for help! If your books appear like they’ve lost their lives, I’m positive your library needs an upgrade.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to purchase new cabinets, shelves, or furniture. You just need the power of…


Yup. Your spray gun and paint can save your library in no time. So, brace yourself for the next parts!

Prepare the room or area

  1. E.L. Blumenschein House LibraryRemove everything from your library. Leave the biggest furniture (perhaps a table) at the center of the room if it’s impossible to transfer outside. Place newspapers underneath the left furniture too.
  2. Take out the outlet plates, as well as the light switch.
  3. Thoroughly clean your library—every nook and cranny should be sanitized. Use a duster, a broom, and a vacuum cleaner. If necessary, use towels soaked in soapy water then squeezed to remove stains on the walls.
  4. If there are cracks and gaps on the floor, walls, or ceiling, use a filler. Smooth the surface thereafter.
  5. Cover the switches using painter’s tape. Using newspapers, cover other parts of the room you don’t wish to be painted. Don’t forget that big furniture in the middle of your room!
  6. Use a high-quality primer to prime your library.

Let the painting begin

Get a dependent paint sprayer from paint sprayer magazine and choose the color of your paint.

  1. Wear your old clothes, mask, protective eyewear, gloves, and proper footwear.
  2. Carefully add your chosen color of paint to your spray gun.
  3. Direct your spray gun on a cardboard to test the paint.
  4. Spray paint gunStart painting the ceiling. The spray gun nozzle should be about 10-12 inches far from the surface you’re painting.
  5. Paint your walls—they’ve been waiting for this makeover.
  6. Paint your floor by rows.
  7. Let the paint dry completely (24-48 hours).

Rearrange the library

  • While waiting for the paint to dry, give your books some time with you. Dust them and make sure there aren’t any spider webs attached to them. This might take a while, but you have a day or two to spare anyway.
  • Don’t just return everything in their original positions. That’s boring! Plan where everything else should be placed after the drying process. Perhaps you could change the color of your shelves too.
  • Return the items from biggest to smallest. You could follow this order: shelves, tables and chairs, fans (if there are any), cabinets, books, light switch, outlet plates, and others.
  • I suggest you add an indoor plant in case your library doesn’t have one yet.

Home library

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5 Reasons Why Reading a Book is Better than Watching Television

According to Timothy, a pressure washer has many uses and benefits. However, some families still don’t have one because they’d rather settle with simple hoses for their cleaning tasks. It’s just like having a television but having no library or books at home–it’s a miserable scenario. Believe it or not, books can entertain you better than television just like pressure washers can clean better than your typical garden hose.

Below are the advantages of reading a book when compared to watching television.

  1. Mental healthReading books can exercise your brain. The activity requires you to have a creative imagination just to get a picture of the setting, scene, and the characters. It’s a great mental workout for anyone. Reading will cause you to analyze the scene, be familiarized with it, and create it in your head. Sounds like a fun and challenging thing to do, right?
  2. Books allow you to manage your time. Shows in television are scheduled, and you may have to wait for your favorite TV show before you can relax and enjoy. Plus, you can’t rewind a scene you weren’t able to understand! But with books, you can read anytime at your convenience, and you can always go back to the page or chapter that you didn’t comprehend. Reading can be paused too, especially if you need to go to the comfort room.
  3. Books have no commercials. Wouldn’t it be nice just to continue the scene in your head without interruptions? Reading books is better because the story can be continued at your own pace without having to deal with long commercials.
  4. book bag sunglasses seaBooks can be carried anywhere. You can’t take a television with you anywhere you go, but books can be placed in your bag, allowing you to read whenever you’re bored. Reading books will also help you take a break from doing repetitive tasks that no longer challenge you mentally.
  5. Reading books can help increase your vocabulary. Unlike in television shows, books have more unusual words that are used to describe the scenario. This will improve the words you know and make you a better writer.