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6 of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Libraries may not be high on top of many travelers must see attractions. But there are several out there that are attracting its share of local and foreign guests. And you do not have to be a self-professed book nerd to add many of them to your list of must-see places. With hundreds to choose from, here are eight of the most stunning libraries in the world in alphabetical order.

1. Abbey Library of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Abbey Library of St. Gallen

Abbey Library of St. Gallen is located in the Convent of St Gall which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is touted to be one of the oldest libraries in the world with an extensive collection of manuscripts that date back to several centuries. The library boasts of stunning architecture and interiors as well as over a hundred thousand of volumes in its collection. It is also home to an ancient architectural plan.

2. Admont Abbey Library, Austria

The Admont Abbey Library, nestled in the midst of breathtaking scenery, is the world’s largest monastery library. Its architecture, the frescoes on the ceiling, and sculptures are among the beautiful highlights to see when visiting this mesmerizing library.

3. Clementinum National Library, Czech Republic


The Clementinum is a stunning display of baroque architecture and frescoes. It is home to several collections included rare globes. Walking along the library hall is like being transported back in time.

4. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Library of Congress

This beautiful library houses a collection of books that include those from Thomas Jefferson. A mosaic of the Roman goddess Minerva is depicted overlooking the main reading room.

5. The Library of El Escorial, Spain

The Library of El Escorial

The Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is a famous attraction in its own right. The complex is also home to the The Library of El Escorial which has a collection of more than 40,000 books. The library features barrel vaults with frescoes, spectacular wooden shelves, and beautiful marble floors.

6. The Royal Library Copenhagen, Denmark

Royal Library Copenhagen

The Royal Library Copenhagen is striking with its modern design. Also referred the as the Black Diamond, the library features black granite. Many marvel at its stark angles, ceiling fresco, and the spectacular views it offer.

Creating Your Own Bookshelf


Looking to expand your book collection, but don’t have enough space in your room to put those books into?

Create your own bookshelf, then! Not only it will help you stock up those awesome books of yours properly, but also clear up space in your room.

Here are some tips for yo


  • Visualize first how your bookshelf should be like, how small or big it should be, how many layers or portions it should have, how many books or magazines it can store, etc. Draw it on paper if you have to, so as to estimate what size and dimensions your bookshelf will have.
  • Next, decide where it should be placed. You can either put it directly onto a wall or have it stand against a corner in your room. For a more D.I.Y. feel, you can have it built under your dresser or make it a drawer-like style under your bed.
  • Then, go and buy the materials needed for your bookshelf. Hardwood, plywood, saw, pencil, ruler, nails, screws, hammer, screwdriver, paint, varnish – these are pretty much the basic things you need to have when creating a bookshelf.

Find out the best chainsaw you can use to create your own bookshelf.

  • If you’re going D.I.Y. on the materials, you can add in cardboard boxes, office clips, paper clips, stone weights, wallpapers, sticky notes, glue gun, ladder, or even pipes. Use your imagination with these additions and I’m pretty sure, you’re going to have a masterpiece after.

Click here for more awesome bookshelf design ideas!

  • Don’t rush. Most of all, don’t beat yourself up over whether or not the outcome of your bookshelf is perfect. Remember, you are doing this because of your love for books. And just like that, you’ll also learn to enjoy creating your own bookshelf.

Have fun creating your own bookshelf!